220 Saint Nicholas in Harlem looking to sell apartments in Spring 2011

By HarlemCondoLife
Construction around 220 Saint Nicholas Condominiums remains the same. The building has most of its scaffolding down leaving the structure partially visible to the public, which led me to wonder if they are getting ready to market these apartments. They are not! 220 St. Nicholas is hoping to start selling in the Spring of 2011. That’s not too far off if you’re looking for a full floor, 1500 square foot apartment in Manhattan!

220 St. Nicholas is offering full floor apartments with the exception of floors seven and eight, which are two bedrooms, two baths. Whomever buys on those floors has to share a floor and pay around 650 to 700k! Not bad of a price given these floors will have either a balcony or terrace. According to the 220 St. Nicholas website, all apartments will have either a balcony or terrace. I think that is an interesting aspect to this building given there are unblocked views of Harlem in that area…for now. Plus most of the new developments around Harlem do not offer outdoor space with every apartment. It’s one or the other.

So if you’re in the market for a full floor apartment with a terrace or balcony in Manhattan near Harlem’s up and coming corridor, Frederick Douglass Blvd., then this new development might be the place for you!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

4 thoughts on “220 Saint Nicholas in Harlem looking to sell apartments in Spring 2011

  1. I agree with the previous poster. Walk by this building every day and no activity for the last few months. Nothing new to see here.

  2. @Anon. I have noticed some activity. Maybe they’re operating like the Gateway Condos. At that site I would see some activity, such as a few workers going in and out. Thats the same level at 220. There’s definitely no cranes at this site so to your point the project could be stalled for now. Maybe that’s why there delaying selling until next year? When did you last walk by there?

  3. Really? I haven’t seen any activity on this site since the winter. I think it’s a stalled project. Wonder why. They seemed to have been going full steam ahead.

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