Holiday Happenings at bier international and Harlem Meer

By HarlemCondoLife
There are two other nice Harlem holiday events happening this weekend in addition to the Made in Harlem event we told you about early in the week. On Sunday, December 5, from 3-5 PM bier international will be having St. Nikolaus visit  so that kids can have an opportunity to meet him and have their stocking stuffed with a treat.

According to bier, the tradition of St. Nikolaus Day, usually on December 6, is a festival for children in many European countries. It finds its roots in legends dating back to the year 346 when Nikolaos of Myra, a saint and Greek Bishop was reputed to hand out gifts secretly.  He became the model for Santa Claus whose English name derives from the Dutch Sinterklaas. It’s a European tradition that can be enjoyed universally by kids of all nationalities.

In addition, the annual Victorian Holiday Lighting will be taking place at Harlem Meer on Sunday, December 5 from 3-5 PM as well. The event culminates with the lighting of thousands of tiny LED lights strung along the architectural features of Central Park’s northernmost visitor center, the Victorian-style Charles A. Dana Discovery Center.  A camera is highly recommended for this event.

So there is plenty to see and do on December 5. Hope everyone’s holiday season is off to a good start!

Author: Harlem Condo Life