Harlem and Cuba share another common interest, Floridita

Photo by HarlemGal

By HarlemGal
While on an approved trip to Cuba last week, I wanted to photograph something there I could link back to Harlem for my blog. I found it while walking around Revolutionary Square! In Havana, Cuba, they have a Floridita just like we do in West Harlem. Similar to our Floridita located at 3219 Broadway in Harlem, they serve Cuban food and its Cuban owned. The major differences between the two restaurants, aside from location, are the history, notable guests and operations.

Photo by HarlemGal

At the moment, the Floridita in Harlem is closed temporarily. However, it opened some 30 years ago in Harlem and the food has received much praise. The Floridita in Cuba has been open since the early 1800s and it has received guests, such as Ernest Hemingway and Graham Greene.

To learn more about the Floridita in Cuba, click here. And as for our Floridita, I hope it reopens soon. I am going to be craving some roasted chicken with black beans and rice soon! If anyone has any information on when Floridita might reopen, please pass along!

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  1. I have no information on our Floridita but love the few pictures posted above and hope you will post more – maybe a slideshow (a sort of – HarlemCondoLife goes on vacation…) Aside from eateries, there have been several doc’s on our jazz musicians mixing it up with their jazz musicians, i.e. last October (I think) Wynton Marsails was in Cuba for a jazz/jam concert.

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