‘Central Harlem has experienced a revival’

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
These days one can’t swing a bat without hitting the words “Harlem and real estate” together! By that, I mean Harlem is constantly being covered by the main stream press. Searching through my clips this past weekend, I came across another flattering article about Harlem. The Wall Street Journal reports “Central Harlem has experienced a revival. New businesses have moved in, ranging from upscale restaurants and wine bars to cutting-edge boutiques. Dozens of condominiums have sprouted around the neighborhood…”

It’s great to see these articles about my Harlem from the traditional press. However, I am getting to the point when I see these write ups is shouting “tell me something I don’t know.” This article re-hashes what’s already been printed. Come on mainstream press! There are a ton of other positive angles to cover about Harlem. For example, I wish they would profile some of the people who decided to choose Harlem as their home, what was the rationale? Profile those that have new or existing businesses in Harlem. How has this revival impacted local businesses? How are schools affected now compared to years ago? What’s the ratio of families versus single people moving to Harlem? And of course, the money trail is always a good one to follow. A story always arises from the money and paper trail!

These ideas come to mind for me. I’m sure there are more. What other positive angles do you think the mainstream press should cover about Harlem? Tell us!

Author: Harlem Condo Life