Harlem’s Bad Horse Pizza provides sneak preview of menu

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
When walking along Frederick Douglass Blvd this past weekend, I noticed that Bad Horse Pizza, soon to open at 2222 Frederick Douglass Blvd, had their menu taped to the door for all to see who passed by. Take a look!

I may have teased this place for their name, however I can’t complain about their menu! Ten and 16 inch pies will cost $11 and $14. Specialty pies will run close to $20 bucks! And look at the selection! Can’t wait to try the FDB! Tell us! What do you think of the menu?

Author: Harlem Condo Life

8 thoughts on “Harlem’s Bad Horse Pizza provides sneak preview of menu

  1. just got the lasagna, it was a spoonfull and not worth 13,00, no bread, salad dressing was like mud, lasagna didn’t fill up the take out dish. what a joke, it was good, just no where near enough for 13. don’t do it to yourself

  2. As with all the new restaurants that are opening, they are over priced by about $2 per item. Compare the (pizza)menu with Sezz Medi on 122 & Amsterdam, and you’d think they were setting up shop downtown.

  3. Actually, I am glad that they are not selling pizza by the slice. Similar to Patsy’s it creates a more friend and family eating experience. I’m sure if there is demand, they can open up a side takeout window.

  4. They aren’t selling by the slice? EPIC FAIL.
    The Pizzeria a few blocks away will continue to get my business.

  5. They were painting all of the furniture black when I passed by tonight. Looks like it will be an awesome spot. Can’t wait!

    What next? A diner?

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