Atomic Wings in Harlem to reopen?


By HarlemCondoLife
Remember this place in the photo above? They opened up in Harlem in 2008 and then closed down in 2010. I am talking about Atomic Wings, located on the northeast corner of West 113th and Frederick Douglass Blvd. From what I hear, their closing status could change. On two recent occasions, I have seen workers come in and out of the place. The second time I saw workers at Atomic Wings was just yesterday, Easter Sunday. I have asked around, what’s up? I was told Atomic Wings is reopening…soon! Let’s hope this isn’t a tease. Stay tuned!


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Author: Harlem Condo Life

3 thoughts on “Atomic Wings in Harlem to reopen?

  1. That’s weird because there was a “Available For Lease” sign up. Whatever happens, hopefully something good will open on that corner. I hated walked past the closed storefront everyday!

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