Harlem Real Estate – Open Houses Galore

By HarlemGuy

What a difference 6 years makes, as the sampling of available real estate offerings in Harlem below from Halstead makes clear.

When I first bought in Harlem there was just one property on this list that I can recall, the Gateway Condominium.  My slice of Harlem which is Frederick Douglass Boulevard from 110th to 125th (we called it the Gold Coast, the NY Times called it Harlem’s Restaurant Row) was just beginning an epic transformation.  It was my move into the neighborhood and its transformation that prompted my fellow bloggers to partner together to create HarlemCondoLife – Your gateway to Harlem.

Today is a few days after the 7th anniversary of my first day as a Harlem resident and owner with a vested interest in this community’s future.  I am happy to report how much has transpired since then.

Halstead Property Development Marketing Open House Schedule.


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Author: HarlemGuy

8 thoughts on “Harlem Real Estate – Open Houses Galore

  1. wish you had some more listings beside Halstead’s.. Your blog and info can be very helpful for people,as I ,who are looking for an apt in the area.

  2. Very excellent thought about open houses galore!! I assume that this is the best post in your site because here have effective info about real estate. Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Amazing. Even better, some of these have already completely sold out. The so called ‘over supply’ of Harlem is a distant memory with more and more people moving up here.

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