Harlem Tavern signage up and very visible

By HarlemCondoLife
Take a walk along Frederick Douglass Blvd to the northwest corner of 116th Street and you will see big red letters that spell out “Harlem Tavern.” You can’t miss it! The signage went up yesterday! The folks at Harlem Tavern are working hard so that they can soon join, what we predicted and call “restaurant row” of Harlem, this coming June.

The upcoming Harlem restaurant and bar, and its workers have been nailing and hammering away day in and day out in preparation for their June 2011 opening, which we told you about a few weeks ago. They have made significant progress, according to these pics taken yesterday (May 19). If you walk by, you will also notice that French doors are in place along with their big bright red signage. At the pace they are working, they just might make their June deadline.

See how the progress  has been coming along for Harlem Tavern on their Facebook page! And while you are there, click on their “Like” button! I certainly did!



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4 thoughts on “Harlem Tavern signage up and very visible

  1. Gee, I really hate to sound like a broken record BUT Perhaps, Harlem Tavern will encourage the MTA to treat Harlem residents like human beings instead of animals. Anyone who has visited the 116th St. train station on the B/C line knows that there is only one entrance in and/or out, plenty of vermin (animals and humans) as well as hazardous conditions, like no MTA agent on the uptown side EVER!!!! But, of course the new restaurant will encourage the MTA to finally do some construction and clean-up since “visitors” will be using this station more frequently. Perhaps, the Mayor should take a real ride uptown on the B or C and take the front of the train. Will he and his entourage be in for a rude awakening? His body guards will probably cover each other until they get out of the rat hole tunnel. Harlem Tavern will be fine since their patrons will be in yellow cabs. MTA hear our plea, nice (noisy) restaurants, subway trains that shake the buildings above them, and a rat hole tunnel–what more would you want in the nouveau Harlem? Here’s wishing Harlem Tavern the best!

  2. Not the case. Lenox always had and continues to have more dining options…no doubt about it. The hype was really more about the ton of new condos filling all of the vacant lots…FDB needed the attention of buyers to consume all of the inventory. Unfortunately, FDB’s physical limitations just doesn’t leave any room for businesses to grow.

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