Bad Horse Pizza – Customers Calling

By HarlemGuy

I am a huge fan of Bad Horse Pizza. I’ve talked it up to all of my friends. And it’s now a favorite when having friends over for dinner. And my experience with the food, the service, etc has always been STELLAR. Which is why I was surprised that I was unable to get through to them on Sunday night when I tried to order my favorite meal with which to watch the annual Billboard Music Awards. There was simply no way to get past the busy signal. I hope this is because their food is just so good that they could not keep the phones on the hook. Having said that I also hope they increase phone capacity so that early adopters like me can keep enjoying the food and spreading the work about how much we love this place.

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Author: HarlemGuy

7 thoughts on “Bad Horse Pizza – Customers Calling

  1. This is pizza of monumental quality for this area. Now I dont have to cab it to Patsy’s on 117th and 1st for a true brick oven thin crust pizza. If anyone cries about the price then figure in fresh mozerella, real crushed Marazzano tomatoes and fresh Basil vs. the Arab $2 slices in the area. Small oven so the wait is kind of long, but worth it. Sucks there is no full bar. Beer and wine (4 oz tumbler glass LOL!) prices are poor values.

  2. As harlemhouse stated, get a large ($14) and add toppings – its actually reasonable – veggie toppings are like $1.50, meat $2.50 – which means you can stay under $20 – even with THREE toppings. I agree that the specialty pizzas are a bit steep, but ALL of the pizza is good, Ive had quite a few (both regular and specialty) and they are both great and worth it. This is absolutely the perfect place for the neighborhod.
    I will note I also called about 20 minutes straight last night and got busy signals non-stop, so I had to walk over to put in an order – so they definitely need to get another phone line and/or receptionist for the heavy to go ordering times.
    And the new beer list is quite good!!

  3. The prices are a little steep. But I usually just order a large pie ($14) and add one topping (sausage $2.50) $16.50 is pretty reasonable for a large pie and it’s a great tasting pizza.

  4. jennifer, which pizza did you get for $24 10 inch?? we try to increase quantities of special ingredients on the smaller ones to make it worth it but sometimes these things slip thru the cracks. Please come in for another try and a free beer. we now have our beer and wine license. johnny bad horse

  5. Jennifer, totally agree. Amazing pizza, but when you get the small one with special toppings, it gets really expensive for what is essentially a tiny pizza. The salad too, was absolutely tiny, but also tasted great. This was take out, so not sure what the portion size for salad is like in house.

  6. $24 for a tiny pizza? Out of line with what most of the middle-class portion of the neighborhood can afford. We thought the menu looked great but the prices are just too high for the amount of food it includes.

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