Three adjacent lots on Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Blvd for sale

By HarlemCondoLife
Ever wonder what three adjacent lots on Frederick Douglass Blvd will cost? The answer is…$4 million dollars! That’s what 2126 FDB at the corner of West 115th Street is going for, according to Tungsten Property. They apparently have come uptown to grace this building with their sign and phone number-obviously at the owners request. Whomever owns these lots is clearly ready to part with it and for a nice chunk of change. I guess this explains why the sidewalk out front has never been fixed for years. It is all beat up and creates a little pond every time it rains or a miniature ice skating rink develops when it snows. The owner probably thought why bother to fix it when I can get $4 million dollars and leave it for someone else to handle. Right?

My only hope is that whomever takes over this property does a gut renovation and leaves the shell. The shell looks like it can be restored. This part of Harlem does not need a new building from the ground up in my view. It needs investors/new developers who will come in and want to keep and maintain Harlem’s charm through its original structures. What do you think should happen to this space?

The upside to seeing this lot up for sale is FDB is clearly a happening place when it comes to commercial and residential real estate. So much has changed along this boulevard since early 2000. Maybe that’s why this blog called it “Harlem’s gold coast?”

If you want to learn all the details about how Tungsten Property is marketing this commercial space, check out their website. They outline all the specs!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

2 thoughts on “Three adjacent lots on Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Blvd for sale

  1. You are right HarlemGal, the sidewalk in front of this property is a disgrace as is the condition of the property on 115th Street since the fire that precipitated this offering. There is debris–mattresses, clothing, and more all over the backyard and hanging out the windows. Does anyone else find it amusing that a firm called “Tungsten” is marketing a property where a suspicious fire recently occurred.

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