Come Celebrate (Gay) Pride In Harlem (aka Harlem Pride) June 24-25-26

Credit: New York Daily News

By HarlemGuy

Come to Harlem the weekend of June 24-26 to celebrate Pride Harlem-Style. The weekend-long celebration includes a barbecue, bowling and a dance party. The park party is the only event located in a public area.

The event has spurned some controversy.  However Harlem Pride President Carmen Neely has a vision.

“I want the gay and lesbian people of uptown to have a celebration of our own,” she said. “This will be different than the events in the West Village because it will be filled with people of color.”  Neely insists the event is for everyone – including children. “I realize the church plays a big role in the black community,” Neely said, “but we’re people, too, and deserve our day in the sun.”

It’ a perfect event for tourists visiting NYC this Summer to spend some time in the sun uptown.

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