Announcing That Google Offers Beta Will Soon Deliver NYC Uptown Offerings

By HarlemGuy.
Google recently unveiled a beta version of a new tool called Google Offers (beta). The service is likely to challenge former upstarts / current incumbents LivingSocial, Groupon, etc.

I checked it out today for deals in Harlem. The best Google can do at the moment is search for “NYC Uptown” deals and sadly there are no available deals at the moment.

I look forward to what google can bring with this new offering. It would be great to see a service of this nature that offers a rich and frequent array of offerings from local community merchants.

Give it a test drive today and let Google know how they can better serve the Harlem community.

More About Google Offers (courtesy of Google)

Google Offers has been in beta testing for residents of Portland, OR for a while now. Google Offers will be tightly integrated into Google Wallet. You’ll be able to look for Google Offers from Google Search, Maps, Latitude, Shopper, and Google Offers itself. Once you find an offer that you’re interested in, just save it and it’ll automatically appear on your Google Wallet Android app. Once it’s time to pay, Google Wallet will automatically calculate the discounted price and pay with just one single tap. Putting an end to the hassle of finding coupons on a magazine, saving them, cutting them, and then finally showing it to the cashier. Finally, the whole service it’s wrapped up with a whole lot of security features. First, there’s the Google Wallet PIN, which you’ll need to enter every time you fire off the Google Wallet app. On top of that, Google has worked with OEMs to develop a special chip inside smartphones called the Secure Element. The chip protects all the data that’s stored inside Google Wallet.

Author: HarlemGuy

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  1. I just check this out and I see what you’re saying. They would be smart to focus on Harlem. I have let them know. Thanks for always providing such valuable information!

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