I always let them Make My Cake


By NativeNewYorker


For the past twelve years, every birthday party, every baby shower, every graduation, every celebration means a visit to this extraordinary bakery.  I’ve run into friends and co-workers who live way downtown who come up to Harlem just to visit Make My Cake.  Once you’ve tasted one of their sweet creations, you’ll see why people from all over the city make the trip.  I used to go to the original store on 110th street – before the building was torn down to build the incongruous high rise that now towers over Central Park North.  Sad as I was to see it close, I really like the 116th Street location, which is run by Aliyyah Baylor, daughter of JoAnn Baylor who founded the business and manages the 139th Street store. You can sit and have coffee and a treat or take out anything from a single slice to an enormous layer cake.  The staff is friendly and not only are the cakes delicious, they are beautifully decorated and they will customize them any way you want.  A few years ago, my daughter designed her own cake and Make My Cake perfectly reproduced, with vibrantly colored icings, the custom graphic she designed on her computer – and for a very reasonable price.  If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and stop by.  mmcphoto6Try their award winning red velvet cake (based on the recipe JoAnn’s mother, “Ma Smith”, brought with her from Mississippi more than 60 years ago) or one of their scrumptious cupcakes.  According to their website, residents and local groups are welcome to utilize the 116th location for children’s activities, and small community and business meetings.   


Make My Cake

121 St. Nicholas Ave (at 116th St.)               2360 Adam C. Powell Blvd (at 139th St.)

T. 212 932.0833      F. 212 932.3198         T 212 234.2344      F. 212 324.2327


Author: Native New Yorker

8 thoughts on “I always let them Make My Cake

  1. Amazing… I’m a new fan. I like the Red velvet cupcakes the best. Get your orders in early for Super Bowl Sunday.

  2. Ive walked by so many times and have never gone in. This review got me so hungry I am going there today to get a cake.

  3. I was driving past the 139th st location a couple of years ago. As I was waiting for the light to change the smell of the butter beckoned me until I could not resist any longer. I double parked, ran inside and grabbed a chocolate cupcake that I greedily ate in my car on the ride home. I’m a huge MMC fan since going on a chocolate cake tasting spree a few years ago as I searched for the best chocolate cake in Harlem for my birthday party.

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