New Affordable Rentals Coming to Harlem’s Gold Coast

By HarlemGuy                                                                                                                                     In a nice change of pace some new rental condos will soon be opening on Harlem’s Gold Coast / Restaurant Row, on the East side of Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 113th and 114th streets.  This location is within walking distance to Central Park, subways (C,B,2,3), grocery shopping (Central, Best Yet, Associated) and bodegas, restaurants (Zoma, 67 Orange, Bier International, Harlem Tavern, Society Cafe, Lido, Les Ambassades, Chocolat, Questans), condos (too many to name), health and fitness (Land Yoga), a pet supplies store (Posh Paws), and a bike shop (Modsquad Cycles) – too name a few / too many to name.

So if you are in the market for a rental, check it out.

Author: HarlemGuy

4 thoughts on “New Affordable Rentals Coming to Harlem’s Gold Coast

  1. I like the “Goldcoast/Restaurant Row” moniker. As a new resident who thinks the strip between 110-125 is coming along nicely I think it is nice to hear something positive about the area. Let the haters hate HarlemGuy.

  2. Great location. Ha, funny on the Goldcoast thing. But its true in the last 10 years FDB has definitely changed significantly

  3. You’re beating this,”Gold Coast/Restaurant Row” thing to a pulp…it’s losing its impact and you sound like a desparate cheerleader. Take it easy…

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