Best Yet coming to Harlem's SoHa

By HarlemGal
It’s a rumor no more! Best Yet is coming to Harlem and it will be in the SoHa building on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 118th and 119th Street.

And thanks to a reader for giving us the heads up. Much appreciated. Now the big question I have is…when will they open for business? Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did to sign the lease!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

20 thoughts on “Best Yet coming to Harlem's SoHa

  1. Oh, so glad to see this riff settled amongst Harlem bloggers. More importantly, we are getting a new supermarket! Keep up the great reporting on our beloved Harlem! Happy New Year!!!!

  2. “Why would someone want to leave nasty comments under someone elses name especially a fellow Harlem blogger?”

    It wouldn’t surprise if the comments were left by the paranoid, seemingly mentally unstable blogger who lives in the neighborhood.

  3. Since when has news been owned by a blog. Unless you did investigative reporting on a story or your original photos were swiped YOU DON’T OWN IT!

    Do a web search of the Bazaar article you reference and you will see other blogs did not “run with the story.” Bloggers, please don’t take yourselves too seriously. Who amongst any of us is really making a living from blogging?

  4. ZPP,
    Thanks for clarifying.

    We are reviewing the matter to decide the next course of action. If you have any ideas as to who you think might be doing this, feel free to drop us a note to

    Overall, we are just perplexed. Why would someone want to leave nasty comments under someone elses name especially a fellow Harlem blogger? I can see leaving a scathing note on a blog under an anonymous name, but this? It just doesn’t make sense. Oh well….

    Again, thanks for correcting the record.


  5. Katherine,
    Thank you for your kind words and we hope you will choose Harlem as your home. Those of us that blog on this site think Harlem is a great place to live!

    Keep us posted on your decision!


  6. HI this is Akira at ZPP, someone is using my name above to make comments. I did not write those comments above. I never log in with my name, only ZPP.

    Keep on bloggin.

  7. Thank you HarlemGal for your post. I’m an out-of-towner househunting in Manhattan and I really loved SoHa when I visited it. But I was worried about the empty space on the ground floor! So this is really welcome news.

  8. the progress continues! I saw a series of what looked like escalators being unloaded this morning. I need to carry my camera with me 🙁

  9. Tero,
    Thank you for coming forward and confirming your message you left us. You are the reason I posted a follow up blog post. It’s common practice for a blogger to follow up on a tip and decide what action to take next. It’s not rocket science.
    On behalf of HCL, we want to say Thank You. Blogging is a two way street. It would not be possible for us to post or follow up on past stories if it wasn’t for our readers who take the time to participate in the blogosphere on Harlem. Again thank you!

  10. Ohiso-san,
    Thank you for your follow up comments.

    HCL knows of more than one blog that has written/posted about this topic. If this news is owned by one individual or entity and it’s legally proven, and if Best Yet can confirm they gave exclusive rights to one organization, we will participate. At this time our due diligence shows you have not left this threating tone on other blog sites and that more than one blog has posted about it.
    Our sincere apologies for the way you feel about ownership. We have posted many unique stories, such as the story on Bazaar Magazine in Harlem, and we know of two other blogs that took our story ran with it. Our approach was a bit different than yours. I guess you can say we are more of the embracing type.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. The goings on in the storefront windows are plain for the public to see. I read about the new supermarket on HCL back in January. I happened to walked by the storefront on 10/7, saw the new ads and dropped a comment on the original post.

  12. What you all did is called plagiarism. It is infringing upon my intellectual property rights and a source of my income.

    I am having my attorney draft a request that you either (1) properly credit and cite my blog article about this story, or (2) remove the article in its entirety from your web site.

    Thank you.

  13. Ohiso-san,
    Thanks for reading our blog. And congrats to breaking a story.
    As for us, we were tipped off by a reader who responded to a post we did about this space back in January. That was our motivation to share the good news with our readers. In our view, there should be no shortage in spreading good news – no matter where it comes from. Good news benefits us all in Harlem.
    And PS we take no offense on insightful comments! Thanks for checking in! Cheers!

  14. No offense to you guys, but this article is a day late and a dollar short: I reported on this months ago and broke the story with pictured a few days ago. You are going to have to move faster than that!

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