Shoe Repairs and More In Harlem

Rodriguez Shoe Repair

By Icare4Harlem

As I waited for the bus on Lenox Ave. and 116th St., I realized there was one more errand to complete for an upcoming trip.  I had just about given up on getting a shoulder strap shortened, when a small shoe repair store sandwiched between two larger buildings came into focus.  I had been at the bus stop several times before but never noticed the store.  So I darted across the street, entered the tiny establishment, and made my request.  Knowing that my flight was in a couple of hours, I didn’t think the job could be completed with such short notice.  To my surprise and delight the owner, Mr. Rodriguez, immediately had his assistant address the task.  True to the posted sign, “Fast Service While You Wait” the alteration was completed with excellent results and I was on my way to board the next M116 bus.

Mr. Rodriguez

There are still many small businesses in Harlem that are able to provide wonderful goods and services.  I will continue to support these independent merchants to maintain the diversity in this rapidly changing neighborhood.

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Rodriguez Shoe Repair

102 W. 116th St. & Lenox Ave.

New York, NY


Author: Icare4Harlem

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  1. I’ve been a regular customer for the past few years – sandles, bags – you name it. He’s quite reasonable too.

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