East Harlem’s Milk Burger vs Anthony Bourdain’s Shake Shack

According to recent press reports, Second Avenue eatery Milk Burger‘s menu, design features and photo of its signature burger have been blasted for their strong similarities to Shake Shack.

Ottavia Bourdain, wife of food personality Anthony Bourdain, tweeted last week that she had forsaken her beloved Shack Burger for Milk Burger.

Said she:

“Tonight I’m cheating on the love of my life Shake Shack and ordering from Milk Burger. They deliver and I’m lazy,” she wrote Aug. 1.

“Shake Shack is still my husband but Milk Burger can be my booty call.”

Milk Burger is located at 2056 Second Ave. between 105th and 106th streets.           (212) 360-1988

Author: HarlemGuy

10 thoughts on “East Harlem’s Milk Burger vs Anthony Bourdain’s Shake Shack

  1. I’m a Jimbo’s man. Shake Shack may be better (at twice the price) but nothing compares to Jimbo’s for Harlem Atmosphere.

  2. I want to try Milk Burger too. I’ve had Shake Burger and am a big Anthony Bourdain fan and his show No Reservations. Shake Shack is good but not “The Best” burger I’ve ever had.

  3. Lately I feel like Anthony Bourdain’s name has been a buzz word. I watch his show from time to time, he was on BIll Mahr show last week and someone spoke about him I believe last week either on the Daily Show or Colbert Report. I am empress that he owes Shake Shack, I just went to it recently, after seeing the line wasn’t soo long, and really it’s a good burger but it’s not the best in the world. Just saying. I think I’ll give Milk Burger a try today on my outing in the city.

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