Harlem Savour Of Seafood – Update

We have some updates  about the newest addition in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Boulevard Harlem Savour Of Seafood, Inc.

After speaking with the owner Angela, she informed us that Harlem Savour’s Facebook page, Website, Twitter and ability to text in your order will be up and running shortly.  Their Facebook Page is expected to be up by tomorrow and text-to-order by Friday.

She also informed us that they will have outdoor tables this summer which will be a nice addition for extra seating.  There will be a bar as well and they are in the process of getting their liquor license.

I already like how tech savvy this place is and that you will be able to call or text in your order.

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Harlem Savour Of Seafood, Inc.
2190 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York, NY 10026
(212) 472-8687

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13 thoughts on “Harlem Savour Of Seafood – Update

  1. i don’t think this place is going to make it. It took and hour and half to fulfill my order. If i had not paid in adance i would have just walked out.

  2. having had a restaurant before, i have to say, sometimes, there are other issues why u can’t open because of city ordinances, etc. You just never know. I would never open a business again without almost everything new so no problems there and without every piece of paperwork fully approved, not temporary…a restaurant is nooooo joke, there’s so much beyond the food. Seating and parking is essential; ESSENTIAL.

  3. Excellent SEA food. The yams and mac and cheese is very delicious. On reading the other comments i have to say this. A business is like a person. It is not perfect and it will have some set backs but the come back is always better when mistakes are learned. Give the business a chance to grow…….we all grow in life.

  4. I had a good, small lunch today. I ordered a few pieces of whiting and a few chicken wings. It was delicious, nicely prepared, and modestly priced. The neighborhood needs to give the owner a chance to work it out, that’s what new businesses do, grow a little more each week. It’s a nice, casual atmosphere with a reasonable price, and good food quick food. The neighborhood needed a place like Harlem Savour, welcome.

  5. Anonymous March 1,2012

    I ordered collard green and mac&cheese it missing some spices for sure. Angela I meet you personally you have to get it together. Folks in the community is rooting for you to be successful but your proving you can’t handle the business.

    Let’s get it on track

  6. Walked by twice this weekend and it was closed. Found out they are looking for a new chef. Looks like they should have worked out all the kinks before they opened:
    1. Opening weekend menus were not available- had to read off flyer that was next to register.
    2.Website was down.

    Get it together!

  7. You never know when this place will be open. The food is good but there are no clear defined hours! I don’t hold much hope for this place.

  8. Just tried it tonight the shrimp and catfish with greens & yams. Pretty good and very reasonably priced. Not much room to eat there though. the outdoor seating will be nice to hold more eat-in customers.

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