Windows On 123 – Luxury in Harlem

Contemporary luxury spacious homes are still available on West 123rd Street at Windows On 123.  Although only a few available Loft units remain (their website indicates 3 with 1 in contract) priced over 1 million, they are loaded with top-tier surfaces and amenities, balconies, private yards and many with private keyed elevator entries.  Visit Availability.

Effortless Luxury.
Extraordinary Quality.
Superb Execution.

What you see at WINDOWS ON 123 is extraordinary: homes dressed in fine finishes; wall-to-wall banks of crystal clear glass that capture abundant natural light; exceptionally generous floorpans; and all the conveniences one expects from a luxury residence.

But what you can’t see at WINDOWS is equally outstanding.

You can’t see the countless hours of designing, planning, and immaculate construction poured into every square foot to make it the perfect place to live. You can’t see the sound-proofing between each home; the modern infrastructure built for your needs now, and for the future. You can’t see the seamless craftsmanship that secures every piece of masonry, cabinetry, tile, stone, and hardwood flooring.

With 26 glorious, sun-filled, exceptionally spacious homes, 117W123 is the absolute fulfillment of contemporary luxury. Floor plans that break all of Manhattan’s rules; amenities and finishes that surpass every expectation.

Author: harlemhouse