Bad Horse Pizza – Is Great Pizza In Harlem

Delicious Pizza at Bad Horse with fresh ingredients and a variety of salads.  The pizza pictured here – Hot Italian Sausage and Garlic with fresh Basil.  Yum!

Bad Horse 212-749-1258
2222 Frederick Douglass Boulevard @120th
Check out their online menu…

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7 thoughts on “Bad Horse Pizza – Is Great Pizza In Harlem

  1. Great pizza bad name. Covo Trattoria is an Italian restaurant on 135th st & 12th ave next to Hudson River Cafe. Much different vibe than Bad Horse with outdoor seating and an upstairs lounge.

    You should really do a review on Covo?

  2. Agree that it’s overpriced and underwhelming. The prices are 20-30% higher than pizza at some of the best places in NYC. And we did voice our opinion – unfortunately it was barely listened to then dismissed. In fact, we noticed immediately after ordering that the specialty pizza we asked for was substantially cheaper if we ordered the exact same thing a la carte – but when we asked the server to change our order to reflect the lower price, they refused as did the owner.

  3. I’d have to agree, Covo is great for West Mid Harlem area but for central and lower Harlem it is kind of far. Yes Anon, Covo is open year-round. @ ellen consider giving Bad Horse another try It can get up there $$ but so does Covo Trattoria & I think the pizza is just as good. if you order a large pie with one topping at BH it’s not expensive. You might voice your opinion to the owner he is a cool guy and many of the restaurants rely on and appreciate customer feedback.

  4. I think their pizza is worth the price because you aren’t getting the same unhealthy ingredients that you would at something like Papa Johns.
    COVO has really good pizza! It’s too far from where I live to order. I’m on Lenox @ 115th St. Is Covo open all winter long?

  5. I disagree I did not think the pizza or the service was great at all. ALso the prices were high. I think COVO is alot better

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