Trending in Harlem: Vestibules

I first noticed this trend when visiting Amy Ruth’s when I first moved to Harlem. Then a few years ago as Harlem Tavern settled into the neighborhood. And now more recently with several nabe newbies – hip local watering hole Harlem Food Bar and the elegant and tasty Jado Sushi.

The concept of extending the indoors to the out-of-doors in a modest or spectacular yet always tasteful and utilitarian manner is on point in Harlem!



Author: HarlemGuy

3 thoughts on “Trending in Harlem: Vestibules

  1. Thanks for featuring our vestibule. It is a must-have in winter for any restaurants in the city, unless you have a real built-in vestibule. It’s fun to observe various vestibule designs that reflect style and personality of the restaurants. Nobu, the owner of Jado Sushi.

  2. Businesses do it during the winter to keep the businesses warm. So when people enter, the inside patrons aren’t hit with a gush of cold air. Glad Harlem establishments are being considerate! Once the Spring/Summer comes the vestibules will be taken down.

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