DJ Stormin Norman at Red Rooster this Friday!

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As if you already needed a reason to check out the scene at Red Rooster in Harlem, now with DJ Stormin Norman spinning this Friday night? Well, just get there early because it is going to be a full house!  Everytime that I have been to Red Rooster waiting at the bar for my table to be ready, when it is ready I silently feel like saying “Oh, but I am having so much fun here at the bar!”  So now you can come into the bar and have fun with DJ Stormin’ Norman spinning upstairs the best Soul, Latin, Classics, Hip Hop, House, Funk and so much more the whole evening.   I have plans downtown Friday night (that I cannot get ut of) but I am passing through just to see and hear at least some of Norman’s set.  See you there!!!

DJ Stormin’ Norman

Get your weekend started right this Friday night at Red Rooster!


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4 thoughts on “DJ Stormin Norman at Red Rooster this Friday!

  1. It’s a great crowd and not overly crowded the time that I went anyway. It’s a nice setting to hear a DJ in while chilling at the bar.

  2. This is great, I’m so there, But how will they be able to handle the crowd? (if its anything like Sundae Sermon) shouldn’t he be downstairs where they can fit more people in the club?

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