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About Us

Harlem Condo Life is your gateway to Harlem.
We are a group of friends from diverse backgrounds living in Harlem and sharing news and events since 2007.  Some of us still living in the same building together since the beginning of our partnership, and two newcomers have joined our blog – both native New Yorkers/Harlemites.  We hope this is what gives us an honest and objective view on the topics in which we post and tweet about with our different opinions and insight as a group effort.
We at Harlem Condo Life will continue to keep you posted on Restaurants, Real Estate, Retail, Music, Clubs, Bar/Lounges, Architecture, Current Events, History, Design, Politics, Sports and Entertainment about Harlem and around the globe.
Harlem is universal.  It is an identity known throughout the world.
Thank you to our readers and loyal followers all these years since our humble beginning.  We hope to continue to build and make your visit to our Blog informative, inspirational and fun!
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(Updated 2013)

4 thoughts on “Harlem Condo Life – “About Us” UPDATE

  1. You always leave the nicest comments!! THANK YOU! (and yes, we are all about the high road 🙂 “When your house is knocked down, you build it up again.”

  2. I LOVE Harlem Condo Life! So happy to watch you grow! You have a tremendous amount of respect from your peers and other blogs & information sources. Keep up the good work! And….good for you to take the high road!

  3. You are all great writers here at Harlem Condo life, and i read your blog all the time. My work hours are waking up very early at 5am to be at work by 6:30. I read your blog in the mornings before work. Happy to hear the politics worked out. Let me know when you re posting more music mixes.

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