Mediterranean cuisine comes to Harlem


An exciting new culinary addition to the neighborhood –set to open this January ( –seems to have met a temporary delay. Last month we were thrilled when saw signs for the impending opening of Mediterranean restaurant Savann at 2280 FDB, but work looks to be suspended for the time being and a sign in the window alludes that it may be a construction permit issue.

Savann is an outpost of a popular Upper West Side Turkish restaurant that closed this past summer. A New York Times review  said : “When Savann opened a few years ago, it was like a dream come true for Upper West Siders who had yearned for a simple, reasonably priced restaurant that served not-so-simple contemporary bistro food. Savann was just such a place, with ambitious yet delicious dishes like roasted pumpkin soup with olive oil, perfectly cooked wild mushroom risotto, and grilled duck breast with polenta…”

Cem Yildiz, Manager of Savann told in December: “The owner, Galip Ozbek, and I have lived in Harlem since 2007, and have enjoyed watching the local community flourish…We’re excited to offer Harlemites authentic Mediterranean cuisine.”

Hopefully they can work out these issues and open soon because we can’t wait!!



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4 thoughts on “Mediterranean cuisine comes to Harlem

  1. Super.. Galib Ozbek and Savann conributing to Harlem (Re)renaissance! Great mezes and 4 seasons’ main courses.

  2. I don’t think there is actually any delay – they are moving equipment and other furnishings in daily, with lots of activity all day long. Things are happening quickly there and I’d think it’s actually going to be open in a matter of weeks…

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