How To Do The Harlem Shake – A Brief Tutorial

Even though it is very amusing to see a school in Minnesota doing the Harlem Shake in the snow, or a nursing home in Florida doing the Harlem Shake on Youtube, let’s remember what this dance is.

What is it?  One of the best posts on this topic was recently posted by a friend to Harlem Condo Life, Harlem Trends who blogged,
Harlem Shake videos go viral on YouTube

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Not to get to preachy, but it actually is a real dance.  The Harlem Shake is an Old School move and has been around for a long time.  Though it has spiraled into a whole new media frenzy with Brooklyn’s dubstep musical artist Baaúer, let’s try and get at least some of the moves right.

You can spot the real dance move being done, as we have been posting about here at Harlem Condo Life on twitter @HarlemHCL for the last couple months, in only a couple of the videos.  Some are really good, some are just ok.  But most all of them are lacking at least one person doing the actual dance.

So that being said if you want to learn this move, below is a tutorial.                  (Watch some of our favorite Harlem Shake VIDEOS below)

How To Do The Harlem Shake
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If you want to purchase Harlem Shake by Baaúer it’s available on iTunes


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Here are a few of our favorite Harlem Shake Videos on Youtube…





[VIDEO] Harlem Shake – WITH BABY

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  1. @Chadhhsl Chad Harper: I remember that EVE video, that’s the Harlem Shake. And good point about pop culture going crazy over a ghetto art form. So true and the real artists usually get nothin’ Thanks for your comment!

  2. This dance came out about 10 years ago in a music video by the rapper EVE. Here is the video…They do the shake just pass the 2 min mark and again at the end.

    From what i understand this danced stemmed from the way crack heads would shake when feigning…Sad but true once again pop culture going crazy over a ghetto art from that was created to help its inhabitants laugh now and cry later….Its America, what ya gone do…LET’S SHAKE!

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