Urban Gardening

by Harlemista


I was looking to re-pot a beautiful hydrangea bought at Harlem Flo and the gentleman there referred me to Mushtari Hardware. What a surprise! In the front it’s a well-priced, extensive hardware store but walk to the back and there’s a hidden floral feast. Or maybe a mini tropical rain forest. Immediately my nose was hit with a beautiful waft of humid fragrant air and my eyes were filled with vibrant hues of healthy, flowering greenery. Beyond the plants themselves, Mushtari sells seeds, bags of potting soil, gardening implements and numerous planters. The people that work there are helpful and amiable and the entire store seemed to be quite popular and crowded. Mushtari Hardware is the perfect place to establish your urban garden.


Mushtari Hardware

31 W 125th st. 10027



2 thoughts on “Urban Gardening

  1. I love Mustari and the people who work here are so warm and helpful. It has been our local go-to store for everything, year-round!

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