It’s Always A Good Time At Harlem Food Bar

Harlem Food Bar

Monday through Sunday just pick a night for freshly prepared food (MENU- a word from the chef) and a popular bar scene.  For those of us living here in Harlem we already know Harlem Food Bar has become quite the trendy spot.  I have to say whether I go there on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or on a weekend night, I always meet new and interesting people.  It draws a wide spectrum of Harlem’s crowd in a comfortable setting.  Like the fact that last night a customer stopped in for dinner and beer on the way home to 149th street, and a couple having drinks at the bar were from Third Avenue in East Harlem.  It is a very friendly environment for a quick bite or long evening of drinks and dinner.  Don’t be surprised if you see a celebrity having a casual dinner or a film crew filming at this Harlem hot spot.

Harlem Food Bar

Spring, Summer and Fall you can always look forward to the outside dining which Harlem Food Bar and across the street neighbor Bier International have set up nicely.

NOTE: Customers can now call ahead for Pick-up Orders.  Call 212-222-9570 to place your order.  If you haven’t tried their turkey or veggie burger I highly recommend it.  Best turkey burger in Harlem.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Always A Good Time At Harlem Food Bar

  1. Thanks for your comment.. not sure Marisol about Jamar, but they have a great crew. Just pop on in & make sure to say Hi to Ernie!! One of HCL’s favorite peeps!

  2. It is always a good time @ Harlem Food Bar! What happened to that cute guy Jamar (Jamar Dunn?) who was always there? Just curious I haven’t seen him around the last couple times

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