Sunday Jazz Corner with Chet Baker


This week we celebrate two versions of My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker.  The first, his classic studio recording which in my opinion was one of the best versions of My Funny Valentine ever recorded.  The second shows footage of Chet Baker performing  live in Torino, Italy (1957) with his smooth and melodic interpretation of My Funny Valentine.

Truly one of our jazz greats he takes us through a deep journey with hundreds of recordings and a handful of vocals over the years.  A great movie – Let’s Get Lost 1988 is a documentary by Bruce Weber on Chet Baker’s life journey and tells his story through all the good and bad.  In listening through Chet’s videos and recordings, his haunting version of My Funny Valentine stands in a class of its own.  One of the most beautiful versions of this song ever recorded.

Author: harlemhouse

2 thoughts on “Sunday Jazz Corner with Chet Baker

  1. My Funny Valentine is a classic. This is a haunting magnificent version by Mr Baker. Makes me want a cigarette & glass of whiskey. The live version is a jam thanks for sharing

  2. “Let’s Get Lost” was a very compelling documentary telling the heavy story of Chet Baker. I love that you mentioned it and posted this touching performance in Torino. There’s something about the simplicity and soulfulness in his voice and in his playing that really makes me want to listen carefully to everything he expresses.

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