UFO’S over Harlem???

photo[4]photo[3]Last night when I exited the subway at 125th street, there were groups of people looking at the sky and pointing. Of course, I looked up too……but saw nothing.  Shrugging my shoulders I started walking south when I saw a light streak across the sky, disappear behind a building , appear on the other side, then fly off into the distance.  Then I saw another.  And another.  Lights streaking through the twilight sky. I couldn’t make out what what they were. Drones? Saucers? The Spielberg movie “War of the Worlds” started running through the back of my head… I was getting concerned.

A man with a desperate look in his eyes stopped me on 123rd street and said “Please tell me you see these things flying in the sky. What are they??!! I can’t get a picture of them. I think I’m going crazy! Do you see them??!!”

“I do see them, this is freaky! WHAT ARE THEY???” One more, then another went diagonally through the sky toward Morningside Park. I tried to take decent shots for posterity but it was all happening so fast… I just kept it moving– turning quickly down 121st st, longing for safety of my apartment.

Finally, walking past P.S. 76 A Philip Randolph School, I happened upon the explanation. Neighbors were in the schoolyard launching Chinese Flying Lanterns.  Kids were laughing and running around, folks were clapping and oohing and ahhing with glee as each floated upward.

I vaguely wondered what the occasion was but mostly I sighed in relief (and slight embarrassment). My Harlem UFO fears were assuaged.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. Seriously I think she (Harlemista) posted this just out of good fun. As for the condo notifications our name is HarlemCondoLife so we do post Harlem Real Estate as much as we can. Hopefully our future content will persuade you to continue to read our blog. We appreciate your honesty.

  2. seriously?
    recent “ads” for condo sales and now this. Long time avid reader here..but these days…meh….

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