Sunday Jazz Corner With Billie Holiday


Pure Jazz perfection.  Billie Holiday singing the blues live in this video version of Fine and Mellow with Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Vic Dickenson and Roy Eldridge.  You can see Billie’s talent and vocal gift of timing and delivery as she carries on with each of these talented musicians taking turns expressing the blues.

What a gift for us all to have this video footage of Lady Day from back in the day.  As she says in her own words in the intro “There’s two kinds of blues there’s happy blues and there’s sad blues.  I don’t think I ever sing the same way twice, I don’t think I ever sing the same tempo.  One nights a little bit slower the next nights a little bit brighter depending on how I feel.  The blues is sort of a mixed up thing you just have to feel it.”

VIDEO: Fine And Mellow Billie Holiday With Coleman Hawkins Lester Young Ben Webster Gerry Mulligan Vic Dickenson Roy Eldridge

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  1. Love love love…. this right now. Perfect late night “fine and Mellow” music for my mood

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