New Life on Once Iconic Block



Finally a sign of life in the empty retail space on Adam Clayton and 124th st announcing an establishment called New Harlem Restaurant Lounge.

This block, which now has nondescript housing, was once the retail domain of Harlem-reared sports superstar Sugar Ray Robinson who owned a string of businesses on this block, including the popular nightclub Sugar Ray’s, the Golden Gloves Barbershop, Sugar Ray’s Quality Cleaners and Edna May’s (the fighter’s wife) Lingerie Shop.  Last year this stretch of Adam Clayton Powell was renamed Sugar Ray Robinson Way in tribute to the champ.

We look forward to seeing the development of this new restaurant on a once iconic block.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 8.34.38 PMRay-RobinsonRay-Robinson--007 sugar-ray-robinson-1


Author: tharealharlemista

21 thoughts on “New Life on Once Iconic Block

  1. I thought there were plans to mash this horrible building out! It is a complete eye sore – especially the low rise portion right around the corner with the outdoor spaces that no one takes care of… I guess that block is just doomed to be one of the worst around in south harlem no matter if the carriage house, school , A loft and that other condo building is there

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