Harlem’s St. John the Divine Campus Could be Landmarked

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The Cathedral of St. John the Divine could become a landmark under a deal between the church, Community Board 9 and developers of a new 14-story building set to be built alongside the cathedral.

Community Board 9 approved a resolution asking  the Landmarks Preservation Commission to landmark the entire cathedral campus with an exception for a 14-story, 428-unit apartment building.  Revenue from that project will fund church repairs, upgrades and ongoing operations.  The 121-year-old  cathedral is in need of millions of dollars in repairs and upgrades.

Previously the church leased land on 110th Street and Morningside Avenue to the developers who built Avalon Morningside Park, a 20-story luxury apartment building, in 2007 that includes 20 percent affordable housing.

The area from the church eastward towards Frederick Douglass Circle is part of what is known as “Gateway To Harlem”, which continues to undergo dramatic change, and into what some are now calling SOHA (South Harlem).

For more information: St. John the Divine Campus Could be Landmarked in Deal With CB 9 – Morningside Heights – DNAinfo.com New York.

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17 thoughts on “Harlem’s St. John the Divine Campus Could be Landmarked

  1. Trust me. The Cathedral is in Morningside Heights. Morningside Heights abuts Morningside Drive. There are 6 universities in Morningside Heights. How do I know? I only lived in Morningside Heights for 38 years and met Dr. King at the Cathedral in 1967. My family lived in the area since 1906. Peace.

  2. I always considered The Cathedral as part of ” Morningside Heights”. I think most New Yorkers do. Down in the Valley at Morningside Avenue is ” The Gateway to Harlem” at 110Th Street and Frederick Douglass Circle. The escarpment that runs from Morningside Drive and 110th Street northward delineates ” heights” Morningside, Harlem, Hamilton, Washington………perhaps you will consider agreeing with me and check out the maps. I do think that Amsterdam Avenue and 122nd Street is not SOHA despite Max SOHA restaurant….still Morningside Heights. Amsterdam heads down hill to a valley at 125Th Street where Columbia University is constructing a science campus. This area has been called ” West Harlem “. Riverside Church on 120th Street is in Morningside Heights as well.
    Thank you for considering my comments.

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