Architectural Digest “Harlem”

by HarlemHouse

I noticed an article in the February “Before & After” issue of Architectural Digest about a Designer that “Makes more with less” in his One-Bedroom Apartment in Harlem.

The well established Designer Roderick N. Shade who the magazine quoted “often worked in Harlem, and he liked what he calls the area’s uptown vibe, it has a huge creative community, and it’s friendly”

discusses his love for Harlem and his experience in creating a spectacular space out of a dilapidated 550 square feet 1 bedroom rented apartment four years ago.

What I find very interesting about this article is how plain and ordinary the before photos are of his place and the extreme contrast of the after shots.  An amazing transformation.

I agree with Shade that Harlem has a huge creative community.

Roderick N. Shade is also renowned for founding the acclaimed Harlem Untied Show House, the first African American interior design showcase in the world, and won accolades for his room design “Urban Oasis,” which was selected as one of the 10 best Show House Rooms in America by House Beautiful in 1998.

Check out the February issue of Architectural Digest for the complete article on Roderick N. Shade.

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4 thoughts on “Architectural Digest “Harlem”

  1. HarlemHouse, Thanks for pointing out your “C” train mosaics. We have great art underground.
    I especially like 116th St – #2/#3 – the jazz musicians.
    You did a great job with the mosaics and it’s nice to see them – above ground.

  2. Where is this apt located? Great job. Very exciting to have such design in Harlem. Interiors should be as stupendous as the historic exteriors Harlem has.

  3. Thanks! I appreciate it.
    In reference to the “music PIC for RhythmDB” it’s actually a photo I took of the subway tiles on the 110th St. C-line & a little photo shop 🙂

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on this, HarlemHouse. I’d love to see the article & will pick it up this week.
    If you hear of another designer showhouse he’s involved with, I hope you will let us know.
    You have great radar – your music pic by Rhythm DB was equally inspiring. I did great work while listening.

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