6 thoughts on “Haitian Boy “Moment For Humanity”

  1. this picture of the this little boy and the expression on his face is absolutely priceless. thank you for capturing it and sharing!

  2. Dear HarlemHouse. I think it’s amazing that you had the vision to capture THE moment from the video before anyone else did, that is now THE moment captured by CNN and all the media outlets. Thank you so much for leading the way. HarlemCondoLife rocks!

  3. Thanks for all of your comments.
    You raise a good question if this has anything to do with Harlem. I guess it may not. But to “Haitian New Yorkers” comment, there are many haitians living in Harlem and as our neighbors we share this tragedy that has happened in Haiti, together on a Global scale.
    Our blog is an open form from real-estate, restaurant reviews, music, Politics, current topics etc. Might not always be exactly about Harlem but we try and keep it interesting, helpful, informative, and hopefully at times inspiring.

    Thank you AFineLyne for your compliments and insight on our blog.

  4. Thank you Harlemhouse for bringing this great photo to our attention. I’ve come to know your blogging thru your interest in music & the arts – as I’ve come to know Harlemguy with his bent toward everything real estate – and no doubt, Harlemgal is the foodie – not counting all the wonderful people whose comments educate & inspire.
    We each share our neighborhood. In addition, it is wonderful to know that we also share the World around us with thoughtful articles and comments.

  5. Have you ever been to Harlem? As a Haitian New Yorker and living in Harlem where there is a large Haitian community I appreciate any information or updates on blogs about current affairs and news reports.
    Great post HCL

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