Friday Night/ Harlem

By HarlemHouse

“Did it up” in Harlem.  The restaurant and nightlife scene was PACKED last Friday night in Harlem.

I started at MOJO’S for dinner and drinks with friends.  It was very crowded and I had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Kiki Shepard, longtime  co-host of “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”  who was sitting at the table next to me.  I talked with owner, Moon, for a long time as well.  Did you know that he sells his own brand of wine?  Pick one up if you’re a red wine lover.  Its very good.  Also learned that they have live music on Monday nights and this Spring/Summer they will open the windows in the front with outdoor tables and in addition will have DJ’s some of the nights.

After dinner headed to NECTAR to say hello to one of the owner’s Eric.  Also very full.  Then walked by SEVENTEEN B but didn’t go in.  Nice crowd but swung by QUESTAN’S instead to say hello to Dee, the owner.   She has to charge a cover now it gets so crowded (almost too crowded) on Friday & Saturday nights.  The music was pumpin’ and it was so packed you could barely move.  Might need a bigger space soon.  She has a very loyal local neighborhood crowd.  Sunday nights at Questan’s DJ’s play House Music now.  HipHop all other nights.

After that we all headed over to 67 ORANGE to say hello to Karl, the owner.  There we closed out the night with wings and 2 orders of pepper popcorn while listening to a diverse mix of all different kinds of music.

So go and support our local businesses next time you want to have a fun night out.  There are many many other good night spots as well… but this was only one night. Next time!

HarlemHouse will be out of town for a month traveling for work but will resume blogging again in April.  In the meantime, enjoy a new Podcast/Mix “SpanishHarlemMix” by RhythmDB.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night/ Harlem

  1. I stopped going to Mojo as much after I watched the bartender pour my Mojo Signature cocktail with cheapest tequila instead of the Patron it claimed was in it on the menu. I don’t know about the infestation problem, but unless you want a morning headache, make sure you watch them make your drink!

  2. Questan’s is cheap, but a little hood for my taste. I prefer 67 Orange. It really is the best cocktail bar in NYC and the tie to Modern Harlem and Pre-Abolition times is fascinating! Mojo sounds like it would be really nice in the summer. I haven’t been back since I saw a rat/mouse whatever in the bathroom. I was scared to do my business! Get an exterminator.

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