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By HarlemGuy

One of my favorite pastimes is real estate.  And Harlem has a tremendous assortment from which to choose.

I recently visited the Livmor Condominium on 115th and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. 

Deceptive on the outside the interior is well designed, appointed and featured. 

So if you are in the market or simply in the hood – stop on by and let us know what you think.

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Author: HarlemGuy

7 thoughts on “Get more in Harlem

  1. Phillip Morrow is not being sued by anyone.. The owners from the last development project are not unhappy with their homes. That is totally false. This is his third Condo project in Harlem and he is very experienced in real estate and development. He uses great materials and excellent contractors to build his projects. Please go see for yourself before you read these untrue blogs about Mr. Morrow and his projects.

  2. That developer — Phillip Morrow — is being sued by the owners of the last condominium he built in Harlem.

    He has built a reputation for sloppy construction quality, and from what I saw at the Livmor nothing has changed. The apartments are not even finished yet, lots of works still needs to be done, and they are attempting to sell them already.

  3. Embelesar- anyone know anything about it- on 118th and 3rd. haven’t started marketing them yet, but the building is moving along.

  4. Hi there,

    I checked out the Livmor condos 2 weeks back and I had mixed views of the quality of the finishes.

    I liked the finishes in the bathrooms but kitchen quality left me with a bit more to desire for, didn’t quite like the island/breakfast bar in the 1BR units, I felt they could have just left it as at counter height instead of trying to do both and making it look ugly.

    Also, I was a bit concerned about the noises on the lower floors. I left the windows open and I could hear the traffic on the FDB, pretty loud and clear.

    And the prices the broker quoted were around $600 psf, a bit unrealistic in this market I though when we have new inventories hitting the region in the next few months and existing inventory not moving as fast as the developers would like.

    My 2 cents 🙂

    A great blog, btw.. keep up the good work 🙂


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