What a difference a day makes for Ryan Skeen’s 5 and Diamond in Harlem


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As that familiar saying goes, what a difference a day makes. I walked by 5 & Diamond, the latest addition to Harlem’s restaurant scene, Tuesday evening and the place looked completely different from Sunday night, which then looked a bit disheveled. The tables are now organized and set with glasses. The bar, or what looked like a bar, was being stocked and one of the investors was on site, i.e. Chef Ryan Skeen. He was there talking away on the phone in what appeared to be a telephone media interview. Clearly, they had some sort of PR push Tuesday cause there are several online articles about the place and the menu was released to NY Magazine.


I inquired again about opening day. The folks on site said they would not be ready to open on Wednesday, hopefully Thursday or Friday (March 18 or 19th) at best. Either way, we all have another option for dining to choose from in Harlem and you can pretty much count on HCL to visit the place soon!

2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York 10026
(Btwn 112th & 113th St)
T: (646) 684-4662

Author: Harlem Condo Life

5 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes for Ryan Skeen’s 5 and Diamond in Harlem

  1. We went last Thursday, we really liked it. I had the trout, husband had the salmon. Food was delicious, portions a bit on the smaller side for Harlem which is , I think, fine with us. Leaves room for dessert and the creme brulee over chocolate sponge, and the cookies, were both delicious. Owners came to say hi, very friendly. The regular menu is expensive, but the burger looks incredible and is only $13. So I think the answer is we can go there and have higher priced dinners, and we can go there and have lower priced dinners, depending what we order. I think we will become regulars.

  2. My husband and I visited tonight, the food was fantastic. My husband ordered the steak and I had the salmon. The steak was superb but the salmon was just above average. The dessert was to die for (creme brulee over a chocolate cake mixture, topped with fresh gooseberries: great combination)

    They have a short but interesting selection of beers. I asked around and it seemed the other customers were happy with their cocktails.

    The service was good, the server was enthusiastic, the owner kept going around the tables to introduce herself and thank everybody for supporting their business on their second night open and to ask for suggestions.

    We arrived early (around 7:30) and by the time we left (after 9:00 pm) there were at least 14 people waiting for tables.

    If the nice weather and the curiosity keep up they will need to have an assertive (but kind) host to welcome people as they arrive.

    Prices are a bit high, so we don’t know if we will be able to come back too often, but in any case is a most welcome alternative to our restaurant scene.

  3. Went last night with my wife. Absolutely amazing! The food was beyond delicious and the menu is remarkably creative. Service was spectacular and the vibe was alive. A welcome addition to Restaurant Row!

  4. I hope Kennected is kidding. Mac and Cheese sets the bar too high? With the disappointing options all over the place in Harlem my family has been desperate for a restaurant with a menu like this. We can’t wait to go! If you don’t like it, you can keep going to Jimbo’s.

  5. Interesting Menu. However, I’m not sure if the there is a market for “Gruyere & Mimolette Mac & Cheese” in Harlem.

    There are some interesting items on the menu and I’m glad for an addition retail space to be filled in Harlem, I just hope the owner/chef have not over reached or set the bar to high for their product.

    Nothing worse in Harlem than to alienate the community because “word of mouth” can be a killer.

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