Frederick Douglass Boulevard Continues To Impress

By HarlemGuy

Real estate has always been a passion for HarlemCondoLife (HCL).  And we were one of the first to write on the emergence of Frederick Douglass Boulevard as noted in a recent New York Times article

So it’s with great pleasure that we keep reading about Harlem and this strip in particular in other news outlets.  What we’re happiest about is that that the location is being recognized for what is always has been – a neighborhood.

The latest is a recent article from the Post bearing the following headline. 

Not really new news for readers of HarlemCondoLife.  But we did learn something new.  The founder of BestYet Market (which recently opened in Harlem) also lives in Harlem   I can hear the adds now:  “Yes, Harlem.” ™.  Or “Harlem.  Live Here.  Work Here.” ™.  It’s fantastic that people who own businesses in the community also live in the very same community.  It makes a huge difference to the quality of services and the attention the community receives.  That’s a good thing for everyone.

Author: HarlemGuy

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