Chocolat to be Harlem's next restaurant on Frederick Douglass Blvd

By HarlemGal
I would like to introduce you to the space that will house Chocolat Restaurant Lounge at 2217 Frederick Douglass Blvd. There has been all this speculation about this space pictured below, but speculate no more! I have spoken directly with the owner of Chocolat and he tells me this corner space will be his second restaurant on FDB, also known as 8th Avenue. I believe Chocolat was previously located on 5th Avenue and the first place was Moca Lounge, which was one of the early establishments to open on FDB way back in the day. It is safe to say Moca Lounge is the pioneer on FDB!!!

As for additional details, the owner shared that Chocolat will offer mixed cuisine and will open soon. Exact date to be announced later!

Now that the restaurant rumors are a little bit more clear. I guess this means Red Rooster will now open at….?

Author: Harlem Condo Life

18 thoughts on “Chocolat to be Harlem's next restaurant on Frederick Douglass Blvd

  1. Went to Chocolat on Sunday and it was a full house. Reservations will be needed very soon, so get in there now before it’s too late. Great selection to choose from and the bar is NOW open!

  2. At your suggestion, i now do stop by Cafe Amrita for coffee and did not know they have such fabulous salads (i can be as picky as i want LOL)! I also do have brunch at Society Cafe as i enjoy a little wifi and a chicken club. 🙂

    Looking forward to having dinner at the new Chocolat and blogging about it. Can’t wait:) thks!

  3. @Carmelina We can’t wait as well to dine at Chocate. The opening is probably not that far off! As for another Starbucks in the area, I would be against that. There are plenty of places to get coffee by the Frederick Douglass Circle. There is Society Cafe, Dunkin Donuts, and my personal favorite is Cafe Amrita. They have perfectly fine coffee there in my view. What about a diner? That would be nice to have in my view!

  4. @new Harlem dweller. Thanks for the comments. It’s nice to have another option for dining, but it’s even nicer to support the ones we have already as well!!!

  5. It will be great to have another option on FDB . Sure does take things long to open up here.
    For anyone listening, a bookstore would be great and a hair salon for all women.

  6. Chocolat was fab when it was over on 5th Ave! I was bummed when it closed. At that time, the cuisine (and cocktail menu) was similar to Moca (same owner) but he could get away with it since it was further apart in location. I would imagine that now they have to be more creative though since they are so close to each other. Can’t wait!!!

  7. thanks, harlemgal. was just checking – would love to see more diverse cuisine offerings in the neighborhood.

  8. @Oni. Thanks for your comment. When the owner stressed he will be offering mixed cuisine, in my view he meant he will be serving a little bit of everything. Hopefully when the menu is finalized we can see what Chocolat means.

    @afinelyn no word on the beer garden. If we hearing anything, we will pass along!!!

  9. Nice wide sidewalk – maybe they will have seating outdoors in the Summer. This is all so unbelievable – I may never cook again!
    Any news on the Beer Garden? When I was at Cooper Union, we use to go to these “Drink & Draw’s” at McSorley’s on 7th St.

  10. The owner told me the menu will offer mixed cuisine and it will be a restaurant/lounge. The space is huge! Another option which is good for all of us locals!

  11. The Chocolat space is HUGE! What kind of restaurant will it be? I just recently became acquainted with Moca Lounge – fabulous art inside. They are a new card on my site.

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