West Harlem Piers Park

By NativeNewYorker

A couple of Sundays ago, I took a walk along West Harlem Piers Park.  Other long term Harlem residents may remember when this area was an unappealing parking lot.  It is now a two-acre stretch of landscaped open space stretching along the Hudson River from St. Clair Place to 133rd Street.  Bicycle and pedestrian paths wander past recreational piers for kayaking & fishing, studded by sculptures designed for the space by Jamaican-born artist Nari Ward. I really enjoyed the walk – the energy and activity in the park and the ever changing views of the Hudson River.  It is no wonder that Harlem Piers was “Park of the Month” last May.

Kudos to WE ACT for Environmental Justice and Community Board 9, who successfully partnered to make West Harlem Piers Park a reality and who are now focused on turning the abandoned Marine Transfer Station at 135th Street into a community asset. They recently sponsored a “Community Visioning” to help decide what the station should become. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Author: Native New Yorker

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  1. I DO remember when it was not so hot over there – and had no idea that it turned into the lovely Park w/pic’s above. Next nice day, we’ll take a walk West & check it out.

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