Harlem Children’s Zone office gets a facelift

A few weeks back HarlemGuy of HarlemCondoLife spotted a group of people wearing bright read t-shirts emblazoned with the word “volunteer” on the back img_29481preparing to enter Harlem Children’s Zone at 689 Lenox Avenue in East Harlem.

Harlem Children’s Zone is an innovative and unique community-based organization, offering education, social-service and community-building programs to children and families since 1970.   Stated President Elect Barack Obama in July 2008The first part of my plan to combat urban poverty will be to replicate the Harlem Children’s Zone in twenty cities across the country.”

Ever curious I asked one of the volunteers what they were up to.  She told me that they represented Bank of America’s Black Professionals Group.   The bank and this group routinely do community work in Harlem.  On this particular Saturday morning they were planning to paint murals.  I asked if I could stop by later to help document their work, and they agreed. 

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Author: HarlemGuy