Is FDB becoming the restaurant row in Harlem?

For the last couple of years (let’s say three, which isn’t that long), there have been a number of new cafes, restaurants, and bars that have opened up along Frederick Douglass Blvd between 111th and 119th Street. If our memory serves correctly, first it was Society Cafe Lounge. Soon followed Melba’s. After that we believe it was Zoma, Tribal Spears Gallery and Cafe, Nectar Wine Bar and Cafe 2112. Recently, 67 Orange opened, which we hear their Grand Opening is December 5. And now, Svntn Below, which according to Uptown Flavor is open for business!

We like that all these new places have opened up and are very excited that our community continues to grow in the dining/bar/lounges sector!

To answer the question posed, with about eight new places in less than three years opening HarlemCondoLife predicts FDB is on track to become the restaurant row of Harlem!

If we left out a new business, please tell us!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

11 thoughts on “Is FDB becoming the restaurant row in Harlem?

  1. HI,

    I just want to say we all need to get to know Landon Dais alot better as I believe he is the hope and future of Harlem. Its time to take a chance on anew person and VOTE for Landon Dais to become Councilman of Harlem. I am going to plan some fudraisers for him and some Meet & Greets. he will make a difference and change the bad image that Harlem gives and he wants to restore the of grand old days of Harlem yet get the word out on the changes we need to make it all it can be…

  2. Ellen,
    Thank you for the information on Trattoria Amci. We will have to check it out.
    Again, thanks for the heads up.


  3. Trattoria Amici is a new place in Central Harlem and now that the kinks are worked out, its really taking off,. I enjoy going there as the service is so friendly its like going to see friends and hanging out. The food is really good and they cook to order, I do not like garlic or salt on my food and they prepare the fresh fish just as I like it. Their red sauce is the best.

    Also they are now adding live music several nights a week. I know this Friday, August 7th is a CABARET NIGHT. They are getting a liquor license soon and outdoor seating license too. but in the meantime its fine to go right next door to Lenox Wines and purchase wine there or even go for their “tastings”. Alot is going to happen this this place so be sure to check it out and follow its growth..

    Its at 381 Lenox Ave on the corner of West 129th Street. I’ve seen some celebs there too from the sprts world and some politicians as well.

    I’m hooked

  4. Not to mention that there is a healthy amount of new commercial space coming online along 8th Ave / FDB to accommodate additional new establishments…

    Given the amount of activity in the area, I think we’ll be seeing more in the pipeline soon.

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