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When I first relocated to the lower West part of Harlem pre “condo rush” days many years ago, one of the things I noticed was that very few restaurants delivered to my area. Working late hours and not being much of a cook this was a problem and I would often bring home food from my work location on the subway.

One of the few restaurants that would deliver was Famiglia and I lived off that menu for months. There is only so much Pizza and Lasagna that you can eat. As the year went on a couple more places started to deliver to my building like Flor De Mayo, Kitchenette, Ollie’s just to name a few. I can remember literally negotiating with the manager of many restaurants pleading for delivery to FDB area. I was amazed the other day when I noticed the amount of menus in my kitchen drawer had grown into an impressive healthy stack! A major improvement from my old reliable first delivery menu “Famiglia Pizzeria” to well over fifty menus. Not only are there many choices now but so many different varieties. Like good Thai (Thai Market), Indian (Indus Valley), Italian (V&T & Piatto d’Oro & Frizzante), Japanese (Jado Sushi), Greek, (Symposium.. NOTE: they only deliver to lower FDB & only if they are not busy), American/Comfort Food (Kitchenette), Soul food (Billies Black, Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too, Amy Ruth’s, & Melba’s for take-out), Ethiopian (Zoma), Spanish (Lolita’s, Tropical Sensation, El Aguila, Blockheads & more), African/French (Les Ambassades Boulangerie-Patisserie-Cafe), Chinese (Empire Corner, Ollie’s & too many other’s to list) Jamaican (Island Spice & Southern Cuisine), Diners (Park West, European, & Tom’s just to name a few) and Pizza (Famiglia’s, Pizzeria 123, Papa Johns, & Giovanni’s & Bad Horse Pizza) which continue to grow since this list.

With more and more Restaurants opening up monthly here in Harlem our choices and varieties continue to expand. Though I prefer to go out to dinner, and whenever time prevails I do, it’s also great for us non-cooks to have a variety of options for “in home dining”

NOTE: Sylvia’s no longer delivers, unfortunately.

What would be great next would be a 24 hour Deli that delivers. Any entrepreneurs out there reading this?

Bon appetit!

*Please visit HarlemCondoLife’s “HarlemRestaurantRow” to see detailed information for many of these Restaurant’s.

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  1. Yes Under D Tree’s number is disconnected.
    @ BB it doesn’t hurt to ask. Sometimes if you call the restaurant and talk with someone they will deliver to you even if it’s out of the radius. For example if the delivery guy is driving instead of biking they are more likely to go farther.

  2. Great post. I’m at 136th and ACP and find that lots of restaurants won’t deliver my way. Such a pity. I hope it changes soon.

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