HCL writes cerveza at bier international in Harlem

By HarlemGal

How many ways can you say beer in a different language? And can you spell it out in that language as well? I was recently asked these questions by the owners and designer of the upcoming bier international in Harlem, which will be located at 2099 Frederick Douglass Blvd. I answered the questions honestly. I only knew how to say beer in one other language and spell it out. I said “cerveza!” The folks at bier international, which I learned the name of the beer pub is not capitalized, said that was perfect and if I wanted to write it on their big, white wall that will be the home to the word “beer” in multiple languages. If you look at the rendering of the upcoming beer joint, it shows writing on the wall.

Any how, I said yes. I would love too! I was given the fun privilege of writing the word “cerveza” in brownish colored paint high up on their wall. I was a bit nervous writing on their freshly painted wall, but I did it and did not mess up! So when you head on over to bier international for a brewski and you see the word “cerveza” on the wall, you know the story behind it.

I hope bier international in Harlem opens up soon. I am getting thirsty!

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3 thoughts on “HCL writes cerveza at bier international in Harlem

  1. @Ken I hear what you are saying. I have no intention of making this place something similar or a part of The Da Vinci Code. 🙂 I walk up and down FDB constantly. I see the progress every day on FDB and recently I just happened to meet the designer and owner one day. I am ready for this place to open to see how it holds up next to 67 Orange, Cafe Amrita, Nectar, Billies Black, etc., which are all places I like to frequent. I come from purely sharing what I experience. I have no Sistine ceiling powers…I promise!
    Readers sometimes point me in new directions around Harlem to blog about. If you know of something in Harlem, feel free to send my way or to any of the bloggers here on HCL! Have a great day and thanks for the comment!

  2. The thirsty days of August are upon us. This place has become our Sistine Ceiling: when will you make an end?

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