Where can I get a holiday tree in Harlem?

By HarlemGal

It’s that time of year where some in Harlem want to go green. Not environmental green, but holiday green! Well, look no further. HarlemCondoLife went to the corner of 116th and Lenox Avenue and found a ton of real holiday trees. There were big, little, or medium-sized trees available.  Even miniature trees topped with solid red bows.  If you are looking for a holiday tree, this maybe the place for you!

Gopher Broke Enterprises

116th & Lenox Avenue


Author: Harlem Condo Life

4 thoughts on “Where can I get a holiday tree in Harlem?

  1. I worked for the Gopher Broke Enterprises, this past year…on 137th and broadway.

    I made over $13,000 in sales for them, and they fired me off after 22 days, with a $100.00 “fuck you pay”, they called it.

    They had promised $6000.00 for pay for me and one other employee, who they fired off after 9 days.

    I don’t care what image they portray, they operate a 17 location franchise in NYC, making over 200k ea year, when the laws were written and licenses permitted to them tax free, because they claim to be working (selling trees) for religious reasons.

    They don’t have any form of employment guarantee, they require you to drive down in company vehicles piled on top of one another, sleep 12 people to a 3 br. apt., work 12 hour shifts in the freezing cold, for a paycheck…..at the end…….that they adjust for draws for food and mistakes in accounting.

    This never happened for me and my co-worker……we worked and were robbed and they claimed that if I tried to report this that they would retaliate by filing criminal embezzlement charges!!!

    They should be facing a formal inquiry soon by the federal wage claim board and the State of Vermont has interest in this as well…..they’re a fraud…a cash hustle for the last 30 years, that they get away with ripping everyone off with, as they hide behind this loophole they claim they are exempt from paying the taxes on.

    Please let others know that they left two people near dead in NYC, with little money, as we barely got back on our feet, I returned home empty pocketed, and my employee is still struggling in NYC.


    James Simpson

  2. For those living farther uptown there is a dealing selling trees on the 145th Street side of Pathmark 24 hours a day. Gorgeous trees and prices are reasonable.

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