HGTV casting call: Design team wants to transform your home

By HarlemGal
A New York-based production company, working for HGTV, is looking for energetic and vibrant homeowners (singles, families, couples) in the New York Tri-State area who want their homes transformed, but not sure how to make it happen. If you think your home qualifies and the TV show is a good fit, send an email to with the following information:
Your name, address and contact info (please include e-mail address and cell phone number)

List of rooms to be styled, photos are a big plus!
Photos of yourself & the members of your household

Favorite style you’d like to see (or do you want to be surprised?)
Your real design budget

The top-secret TV show (they won’t tell us the name) will be shooting between January and April 2011.

Author: Harlem Condo Life

5 thoughts on “HGTV casting call: Design team wants to transform your home

  1. I would like to have the design team contact me. I am trying to sell my home and some design help. I live in Roanoke, VA.

    My email address is and home phome is (540) 343-9786.

  2. I sent this to HGTV…no reply…can you? Hi HGTV ~ You are missing a audience of home owners OR homeowners to be. “Modular & trailers….new & old!” Your viewing following are not all looking at the big big money properties. Modular & Trailer can be nice and affordable BUT can be made nicer! New & old they all have problems. Just like stick built housing Modular & trailers can be remodeled for homeowners, speculators & property owners. Please give me a chance to give you a scenario of a new HGTV program. I have ideas & suggestions. Please give me a chance to offer suggestions & pictures. Sincerely, Billie Martin, Reynoldsville, PA 814-653-2280 Your reply is appreciated.

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