Top selling wines at The Winery in Harlem

By HarlemGal
In December or January there are always these “best of or the top ” lists created for various sectors. The Winery in Harlem, located at the corner of 116th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., recently created and sent its customers a list of their “best value-driven wines selected by popular demand.”  They separated their list by the top ten selling in Red, White, Semi-Sweet and Sparkling.

I know I made the Malbec reach first place in the Red wine section. That’s mainly what we purchase. If you’re wondering what sells at The Winery, scroll down ! Have a great weekend!


1.   Tutela NV Prosecco
2.   Parxet Cuvee 21 Cava Brut NV
3.   Drusian NV Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut
4.   Castillo Perelada NV Cava Brut Reserva
5.   Graham Beck NV Brut
6.   Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau NV Vouvray Brut
7.   Champagne De Montoux NV Brut
8.   Hacienda Brut NV Blancs de Blanc
9.   Conte Loredan Gasparini-Venegazzu NV Prosecco
10. Finca Flichman NV Extra Brut

1.   Anakena 2010 Sauvignon Blanc
2.   Hacienda 2008 Chardonnay
3.   Frenzy (Mt. Nelson) 2008 Sauvignon Blanc
4.   Isabella 2009 Pinot Grigio
5.   Finca La Linda 2009 Viognier
6.   Barco Viejo Chardonnay 2008
7.   J. Moreau Blanc
8.   Nelson Bay by Seifried 2009 Sauvignon Blanc
9.   Spilmbergo “Fantinel” 2008 Pinot Grigio
10. Raoul Clerget 2008 Macon-Villages

1.   Tilia 2009 Malbec
2.   Fia Nobile 2007 Cerasuolo di Vittoria
3.   Finca La Linda Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
4.   Protocolo Tempranillo 2008
5.   Celliers Contemporains 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
6.   Cecchetti ‘Red Tree’ 2009 Pinot Noir
7.   Due Torri Pinot Noir Della Venezia 2009
8.   Terra Noble 2009 Merlot
9.   Altovinum Evodia 2008 Old Vine Garnacha
10. Galadino ‘Bonifado’ NV Malbec

1.   Cantina Gabriele Dolcemente Semi-Sweet Cabernet
2.   Borgo Maragliano ‘El Calie’ 2008 Moscato d’Uva
3.   Rothburg 2009 Riesling Spatlese
4.   Marenco Strev 2009 Moscato d’Asti
5.   Cantina Gabriele Vino Rosso Semi-Sweet Kosher
6.   Heron Hill 2008 Riesling Semi-Sweet
7.   Silver Creek 2008 White Zinfandel
8.   Chateau Les Pins 2005 Primage Red Rivesaltes
9.   Butterfield Station 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
10. August Bonhomme ‘La Forcine’ 2009 Vouvray

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