Beer Beer Everywhere INCLUDING Harlem’s Bier International

By HarlemGuy

The New York Times recently wrote about a city-wide beer garden craze (there are apparently 54 beer gardens in the city, according to Beer Gardens NYC, a nine-month-old iPhone application dedicated to tracking them).

Among those mentioned:  Hallo Berlin, Radegast Hall, Studio SquareMission DoloresLa BirreriaBohemian Hall and Beer GardenZum SchneiderLoreley Killmeyer’sBerry ParkDogfish Head, ,Bierhaus NYC and Local West.

Notably absent was any mention of our favorite Bier International.   So we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our posts on this incredible destination.

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Author: HarlemGuy

2 thoughts on “Beer Beer Everywhere INCLUDING Harlem’s Bier International

  1. Glad you caught the NYT article. Please know that while the article didn’t mention Bier International, it is most definitely included among the 54 venues (and counting) in our Beer Gardens NYC app. 🙂

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