Harlem Tavern delays opening to Fourth of July weekend

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
If you were planning on stopping by Harlem Tavern tomorrow night, June 29, don’t. They’re not quite ready yet. They just passed their last inspection last night (June 27) and over the weekend they put out a call for more food runners. They were needing a lot more help. Given all this, they are now aiming to open this Friday if all goes as planned.

So if you are around over the holiday weekend, there might be another place in Harlem to sit outside to eat and drink! In the mean time, check out their menu and drink list, here. When they open, you’ll be ready to order when you arrive! Stay tuned…


Author: Harlem Condo Life

4 thoughts on “Harlem Tavern delays opening to Fourth of July weekend

  1. @Cool Blue Reason I know about stutter opening at Bier and I am a frequent patron of said establishment. I am just getting antsy already for Harlem Tavern to open so that I have another cool place to go to.

  2. Allicette — Bier International had an opening date that was continuously sliding back for several months, if I recall. If they’ve suffered from that, there’s certainly no sign of it today.

    Given how things have progressed, I’d be surprised at this point if HT were not open as of this weekend…

  3. At this rate I am beginning to think this place opening will be like the chances of seeing a unicorn. I mean with over half the space outside and winter will soon be upon us… just saying.

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