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“At last” opening only two weeks ago Mojo Lounge already seems to have a steady crowd. I went on what I thought would be an empty Tuesday night for dinner and the restaurant was full with a bar crowd as well.

The decor is inviting with a blend of Moroccan flavor to it. The restaurant seats more then you would think by looking at it from the outside. Very comfortable nice atmosphere and extremely friendly efficient waitstaff. The owner “Moun” is personable and welcoming greeting various tables and making you feel at home. Also there is a nice sized “L” shaped bar along the back wall which doesn’t interfere with the dinning area and is very inviting.

I found the menu refreshing and unique for Harlem’s growing diversity of new spots popping up like weeds.

For appetizers I would recommend the Dates wrapped in bacon definitely a unique starter. Also they have a delicious range of Salads generously proportioned for an entree or shared by two. My favorite appetizer was the Grits with shiitaki mushrooms. Think outside the box, it’s not just a breakfast food. Delicious!


For Entrees I recommend the Grilled Salmon very tender nicely prepared with grapefruit slices and other unique spices. Also highly recommended are the Lamb chops with fries. Seems to be one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Everyone at my table was eating the fries that came with the lamb. Nothing necessarily unique about them other then that they were perfectly executed and dangerously addictive.


As for drinks, since they have only been open 2 weeks and I am picky about my cocktails, I’ll go easy on the criticism as I am sure they are growing day by day with helpful tips. The night I was there the bar service was a little slow. The mojitos were delicious once they came, however they had very little rum. Agreed by everyone at my table. They have a menu of specialty drinks that looked very good and maybe those are poured with a heavier hand. The bar is very comfortable and as I was finishing dinner I noticed it seemed to be drawing a growing crowd.

I think with Mojo’s great location, inviting atmosphere, impressive menu, and attractive crowd, it will be an instant hit in the growing scene of Harlemites.

I’m looking forward to going back and trying out more of the menu and giving the bartender a second chance on the mojitos.

Hopefully you will be fortunate to be there on a night that Adriana is working as she will instantly raise your spirits into a good mood and give you no doubt that you have picked the right place to wine and dine.

This restaurant/bar I predict will only continue to get more popular as we enthusiastically approach warmer weather and the need for great new places to relax, enjoy and fulfill our summer nights with.

185 Saint Nicholas Avenue (at 119th St.)img_37563
New York, NY 10026
(212) 280-1924

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  1. I agree – my hubby and I had dinner there last night and the service was excellent and the food delicious.

    We will be back!

  2. sounds inviting! thanks for the review. i’ll definitely be checking the place out. it’s great to have another dinner option in the neighborhood.

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